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Reasons For Taking Dance Lessons

  • By: danceembassy
  • Date: July 2nd, 2021

Put aside your preconceived ideas and get ready to work your hips to burn up the dance floor.

Do like the thousands of people who are starting to learn dance!

It is a trendy activity, and the number of practitioners is constantly increasing.

So to finish convincing you, here are excellent reasons to walk through the door of a dance school or find an instructor to learn to dance.

Dance, a pleasure above all

Dancing is a hobby that will bring you joy. So when you want to learn to dance, it is above all to have fun.

Whatever the style: cha cha cha, bachata, rock n roll, Cuban salsa, merengue, Viennese waltz, Puerto Rican salsa, online Zumba class, mambo…

Let the music take you away and forget about everyday worries instantly. Then, little by little, the pleasure wins you; it’s like a second state. Adult Dance Classes Singapore with a teacher are an excellent opportunity to let off steam.

Initiation to dance to relieve stress

Like any physical activity, dancing will promote the evacuation of stress!

You will secrete endorphins, the famous hormones of happiness. Scientific studies have taken a solemn look at the question and prove it: dancing helps fight against discomforts—no reason to do without. Even when dancing badly, it’s like giving therapy, but more fun.

Dance to keep fit

Dancing is a sport in its own right.

You will improve your physical abilities. Your muscles gain in tone; you see your endurance capacities improving. If from the first sessions of a dance workshop, a Paris dance class, or a lesson, cramps, and aches are waiting for you, it will only be a distant memory by practicing regularly.

Dancing offers as many benefits as a running session. First, it is a very beneficial cardio exercise.

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8 Benefits of Exercise That Will Make You Go “Wow! I did not know that!

  • By: danceembassy
  • Date: December 16th, 2020

If you have trouble falling asleep or wake feeling meh, gear up quickly and workout! Making exercise part of your morning routine could be your secret weapon to getting your sleeping habits back on track.

Being physically active also means you expend more energy throughout the day, which helps you feel ready to rest at bedtime.


Much to the contrary of exercise tiring you out further, regular exercise can actually increase energy levels.

You may have noticed you breathe more heavily when you exercise. That’s because physical exertion increases your body’s need for oxygen and, over time, also increases lung capacity. This means your body is able to get more oxygen to your brain, helping you feel more awake, alert and ready to go. WOW!

As well as sending more oxygen to your brain, exercising gets your blood pumping, too! A sweaty workout helps your blood circulate more efficiently, which gets more oxygen to your muscles, which play a huge role in heightening energy production.

If you’re unsure, make a deal with yourself to get moving for just 10 minutes. Chances are that once you start, you’ll feel so much better that it will be hard to stop. For a start, you can follow along one of our routines on YouTube to get started!


Exercise increases blood flow to the skin, which helps to feed the skin vital nutrients, hormones and oxygen. This can give the skin – especially our face – a healthy glow and plump experience. Not forgetting maintaining that collagen to keep us looking youthful!

Increased blood circulation also promotes healthy cell turnover, and can help remove the stuff our skin doesn’t need – like toxic substances, free radicals and cell by-products – from skin cells. Think of it as cleansing your skin from the inside.

If you suffer from breakouts or acne, there’s good news for you, too: aerobic exercise helps level out the ‘stress’ hormone cortisol and also reduces inflammation, both of which can trigger flare-ups.  Say bye to expensive over the counter drugs to keep that acne under control!


Slouching in our chairs, hunching our shoulders, staring too long at our screens… we’re all guilty of these bad habits but if your neck or back starts to cry for help, it could very well be connected to incorrect posture.

Sitting and standing with proper alignment not only keeps our spines strong and healthy, it also plays a big part in improving blood flow and supporting our muscles, ligaments and tendons. Exercise won’t magically fix neck and back problems overnight but keeping your body strong and flexible will absolutely help improve your posture over time. Check out our yoga virtual classes and get started on your journey to better posture!


Exercise isn’t a magic wand that will zap your worries away completely but it’s a great tool to help you manage and process stress better on a day-to-day level.

One of the many wonderful things that happen when we exercise is the release of norepinephrine, a chemical that moderates the brain’s response to stress. As you start to get your heart rate up, your system also gets flooded with more feel-good chemicals: try it and notice how your mood changes instantly!


With every step or movement, you’re not just working your body – you’re also stimulating your brain.

When you exercise, your heart rate increases. This sends extra blood to the brain, giving your cells double servings of oxygen, vital nutrients and nourishing proteins. All this good stuff keeps our brain cells (also known as neurons) happy and healthy, and also promotes the growth of new neurons, which we rely on for good brain health.

This is a fact backed up by tonnes of science research! Now, who can refute that?!


Countless studies have shown that all types of exercise – everything from walking and cycling to pilates and high-intensity training (HIIT) – can lighten our mood, make us feel relaxed and even relieve symptoms of depression.

In fact, a 2020 study carried out by researchers at Yale and Oxford suggests that exercise is more important for your mental health than money.

Now, isn’t that true when we say money isn’t everything!


It’s no secret that completing a goal or staying true to a resolution gives us a serious confidence boost, and smashing a tough workout is no different.

Knowing you’ve stuck to a plan and seen it through can make you feel on top of the world (especially when you’d rather stay in bed). As you continue to exercise and build stamina, you might find that your self image improves and you earn a renewed sense of pride, discipline and self confidence.  Grab a friend that will hold you accountable for your fitness goals.

Accountability leads to success!