Desi-ductive & Desi-mix @ Chinatown

A&J Creative Danceworld

531 Upper Cross St, #02-51, Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 050531

The vibe:

Colourful, Welcoming, Cheerful

What to bring:

Your amazing self!

The location:

A&J is within Hong Lim Complex. Get to block 521 as there are many blocks and the studio is located on the second floor facing an open arena. It’s well situated in Chinatown and accessible by all modes of transport. There is parking available within the complex or by the street.

What to expect:

Desi-ductive is a choreography class mainly focusing on Desi tracks with a girls style approach. It is well suited for beginners, easy steps to pick up with a suitable pace to learn causing no stress and only fun!

Desi-mix that starts right after Desi-ductive class is an open level freestyle choreography class that’ll work your groove and musicality through Desi tracks. Well suited for all dancers regardless of their dance backgrounds.

Our instructor Farzana is a huge advocate for being body positive and to live life with a YOLO attitude. Every new student who has walking in to her class feel an immediate connection with her.

What to wear:

Sometimes our instructor would love for you to get creative and dress up as per the song. Costumes are even provided if you don’t have any! Otherwise, get comfortable and attend in your workout wear. Shoes are not mandatory. There is a changing and washroom available.