Rajun Flo

Rajun was first introduced to dance at the age of 7, where he began learning Hip-Hop dance through his Primary School CCA. His passion for performing was soon recognized by his teachers when they sent him to take part in Okto’s One Minute of Fame competition in 2009. This zest for dance followed Rajun throughout his teenage years, where he continually pursued Hip-Hop dance in AJC Dance Society and participated in countless performances and competitions there. During his time in AJC, Rajun also had the opportunity to learn Indian folk dance, which sparked his love for attending dance classes of various genres upon his graduation from AJC. Ranging from Bollywood/Indian folk, to Girls Style and Dancehall, Rajun has been regularly striving to better himself as a versatile dancer by exploring new genres regularly. While most of his interest lies in Girl’s Style and Dancehall, Rajun has been focused on finding his own unique style as a dancer.