Farzana Deen

  • By: danceembassy
  • Date: January 13th, 2022

Hey there! It’s me Farzana. Your go-to girl for anything that screams dance. I started dancing at the age of 6. It all began at a K2 graduation concert where I performed hilariously whilst having a poker face on the entire time. Since then, the dancing bug never left me!

I had the chance to take part in the very first Dance Talent Development Programme by National Arts Council at Lasalle and that increased my love for dance even more! I had a taste of various genres in dance such as Bharatanatyam, Chinese dance, Malay dance and Hip-Hop. Freestyle and Hip-Hop have always resonated with me and later in life, Bollywood was introduced to me.

As a growing teen, maintaining my love for dance whilst my weight fluctuated was a struggle. It took me a while to get to the stage of confidence I’m in now. This was one of my main reasons I strived to become a dance instructor.

It’s time women realise there isn’t a standard physique or size to strive for, especially when it comes to dance/fitness classes. Let’s embrace our individual journeys.

– Don’t associate dance with size or weight. You dance simply because you want to and I’ll want to share those moments with you. –

Sneh Kantilal

  • By: danceembassy
  • Date: January 2nd, 2021

Often described as a happy and vibrant ball of energy, I strive to always bring my A-game to my classes. I believe the energy you carry is the key to your success as an instructor.

Life is so uncertain, but Dance is the one constant that has always kept me grounded. For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for music, especially Bollywood. Play any song and I would immediately start dancing to it.

My journey as an instructor has been a pivotal rollercoaster in my life and has transformed me into the confident, independent woman I am today. The support I have received from the DE family to instructors and participants, has been foundational to my growth as a person and instructor. When Lavania (Director and Founder of Dance Embassy) created ‘BollyFreak’ it spoke to me. The program embodies all the elements of style and Desi-choreography that inspired me to start dancing in the first place.

In the beginning, not every class was perfect. Now, through regular iterations, 5 years later and all the support and lessons learnt have brought me to where I am now. It is a great privilege for me to hear that class with me has made someone’s day.

I have been blessed to have had such amazing opportunities, and look forward to uplifting future instructors with their endeavours.





Janifer Joshua

  • By: danceembassy
  • Date: January 2nd, 2021

Hi my name is Janifer Joshua. A fun-loving individual who is always up for some dance moves on the streets.

I started my dance journey, at a tender age of 4, under the tutelage of the well-known Bollywood dance school in Bangalore. Ever since then, my passion for dance has grown and is still growing. I have honed my skills in a variety of dance genres including Hip-Hop, Locking, Popping, Indian Semi-Classical, Waacking and Contemporary.

From 2002, I have continued to grow in these genres under renowned choreographers such as Mr. Terence Lewis and Prabu Deva, Dance Academy. I have been performing and choreographing with my troupe Naach/Dance Embassy since 2005 and have performed at numerous shows for the past 18 years in Singapore and other countries.

I believe that my passion for dance and choreography, supported by training in western and Bollywood genres of dance, helps in creating a great blend as a whole to make a great performance. Dance has given me the reason to smile in life, and I want to share this love and passion for dance with everyone else. I am constantly learning and improving myself as a dancer, and I am equally interested in teaching others.

DANCE – When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way. – Wayne Dyer.





Lavania Rosie

  • By: danceembassy
  • Date: January 2nd, 2021

I’m Lavania, a freelance dance fitness instructor who always loved dancing since young but was advised against having it as a career. A decade into my passion, I now run a successful one stop dance, fitness and wellness company in Singapore, catering to individuals, groups and even corporates.

It wasn’t a planned foray that brought me to where I am today. While working with Singapore Airlines a few years ago, I was spotted by one of the instructors at a dance class that I was attending. That instructor turned out to be my driving force to pursue my dream. Not an easy decision to leave a comfortable job, take a huge pay cut and pursue my passion.

Starting off as a franchisee of Bollybeatz, years later I started Dance Embassy. From a one woman company, today I have a team of dedicated instructors, over 1000 students and counting and notable clients like Apple, Singapore Armed Forces, OCBC, Manulife, Allianz etc and I owe all glory to Father Almighty. My goal is to empower aspiring instructors and professionals in the dance, fitness and wellness realm and help them grow in their respective fields. To equip them with the necessary resources to grow their own community and following like how I’ve grown mine.

In 2020, I launched my Bollywood dance fitness program called BollyFreak in Mumbai and since then I’ve gained international traction and recognition. I believe that knowledge is powerful and it’s even more powerful when you share it with a tribe. Thus, I pivoted the business model of Dance Embassy and have positioned it as an integrated platform for dance, fitness and wellness professionals to grow their brand and community. I trust that with the support of our growing community, this will be a much fulfilling journey that I’ve embarked on.