A Glitzy End to 2021

  • By: danceembassy
  • Date: January 13th, 2022

One of our students casually mentioned that we should have a gathering to conclude 2021. If you know of our Founder, Lavania, you know she doesn’t do anything half a**.

She thought it was a brilliant idea and arranged for a fanciful dinner for the Dance Embassy community. It was held at the Singapore Cricket Club. 3 tables of 5 were booked and all were filled almost immediately! I guess the idea of a year end party did tickle everyone’s fancy. The theme was glitz and glam and GIRLLL, did everyone turn up to the nines!

Each table was headed by Lavania and her ambassadors and the ladies, through drawing of lots were assigned to their seats. Not everyone knew each other at the table but by the end of the night, phone numbers were exchanged and watsapp groups were formed. Laughter filled the air, coupled with a great menu of food and drinks, it was a night to be remembered indeed.

Thank you for the support that you have given to us in 2021. Although the year was best to be forgotten because of the many curveballs that were thrown our way, we will never forget the memories created with whatever little that we had.

I nearly went to Jail for DE

  • By: danceembassy
  • Date: May 31st, 2021

I was starting out and at every opportunity that came my way, I grabbed it. One such opportunity was planning a flashmob in Little India for a tour company. Excited, I headed down to Little India to a brightly coloured compound and spoke to the vendors there. They gave me the green light to do it in front of their shops. After all, it was a win-win situation. One of the vendors told me to head up a staircase to ask for clearance from their boss. “But, isn’t it public property?” I asked and he said rather fearfully that nothing can be done until an approval from the boss is given. I headed up the stairs and saw no one. I called out and waited but no one appeared. I then left a note, seeking permission and the plan and a call back number. No response. I then, decided to take a risk and plan it anyway. After all, the flashmob, like how it meant, will be over in a flash and it was public property. Those days, there weren’t such a thing as applying for a license.

The day came and the shop vendor told me he can’t allow me to carry on with my plan because the boss who was in charge told them not to allow me to. Shocked and flustered, I headed up to his office. There he was, without looking at me in the eye shooed me away disapprovingly. I reasoned out with him and also begged him and explained to him the situation. He did not budge. He said he will call the police if I went ahead with it.

Frantically looking for a way out because it will be minutes before the tourists arrive and my dancers were all ready to put on a show, I asked the vendors if there was a solution. They seemed afraid of the boss but one of them told me that if I held my flashmob out of the boundaries of the estate, then I won’t be breaching any rules.

Still, I needed a power socket which meant my sound system will have to be within the boundaries. I went ahead with the boss coming down to give me an earful of not respecting him and his words. He was condescending and didn’t relent. I told him to go ahead to call the police if he really saw us as threats.

The tourists arrived, the flashmob happened as planned and everyone was happy. We were out there in a flash, which took a maximum of 10 minutes and I even waited for awhile for the police to arrive but they didn’t.

So that’s a story of how I nearly went to jail. If you’ll like to read more experiences of mine like this, do share and switch on your Dance Embassy app notification 🙂


How To Increase Your Happiness Quotient

  • By: danceembassy
  • Date: May 10th, 2021

We are living in uncertain times and during such times, statistics have shown that mental health has taken a downhill. We, at Dance Embassy, have been on a rise with our happiness quotient though. How do we know? The level of participation, smiles and conversations shared and the upbeat connection that’s evident through pop up messages on our phones show that our community is bound by the eagerness to be around each other!

Here are ways you can increase YOUR Happiness Quotient!

  1. Join Our Monthly Themed Events

Our recent event was yet another hit. Everyone turned up in white, threw colours at each other and danced off to a Bollywood Hit, Ik Junoon. Photos are on our Dance Embassy Instagram!

Even though capacity is dependent on the venue, we have been hosting sell out events! With all precautionary measurements in place, your safety is our utmost priority! Keep a lookout for our next event!

  1. Join our classes with a friend

Nothing is more enjoyable than sharing a space (with safe distancing measures in place of course) with a friend and grooving along to our stellar playlist. We dare say our playlist is a hit as our students are always asking us to share it! Subscribe to us on YouTube to know what are the songs that we are playing in class. That will surely want you to come for our classes! And yes! Grab that friend along!

  1. Virtual Classes are No Different

Can’t join us in person? Our virtual classes are no different! We bring the fun to you on screen! Many of our regulars join us from all over the globe. We even have our members joining us while in quarantine! #Quaranteam for the WIN!

With all these being said, we trust that our actions speak louder than words. Looking forward to seeing you in one of our award winning classes!

Why Women complain of fatigue more than Men

  • By: danceembassy
  • Date: April 9th, 2021

One of the top 5 complains that women have is fatigue. It could be many reasons causing them to feel tired and weary and their reasons vary quite greatly from men.

We explore 3 reasons why the fairer sex is at a disadvantage.

  1. Thyroid

Thyroid problems are more common in women. It’s still a medically unsolvable mystery as to why it is such. It could be hormonal or genetical. Either ways, we suggest you get your thyroid levels checked if you are feeling low on energy.

  1. Heart

To the surprise of many, heart related health concerns are more serious in women than in men. Statistically, twice more women die from heart related diseases than from cancer! Especially if you have a family history of heart disease, do get your blood pressure and heart valves checked.

  1. Societal Pressures

The way a woman is supposed to look, dress, behave, work, run a family and the pressure of unattainable perfection lead to sleeplessness, depression and hence fatigue. One of the healthiest things to do is not to conform to societal pressure and reduce dissatisfaction in ourselves. After all, we are all created as an individual for a reason. To live with a purpose. Make that purpose so big that the negativity exuding from society will feel small.

We hope you found this useful. Do let us know of any topics you would like us to shed a light on.

How to Build an Awesome Community

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  • Date: March 9th, 2021

Most people walk into a gym feeling intimidated. Not knowing what to do with the gym equipments and to top it off most personal trainers are intimidating as well. Their favourite phrase is “No excuses” and they start pointing out your flaws and how you should work harder to improve them.

Well, they are just doing their job. Their tough love approach is how they have been taught to train. Their mindsets are built on the idea that people walk in broken and have to be fixed. That their clients need the kick-ass push to be motivated and to emerge strong. They start dissing their food and lifestyle choices to make them feel bad about themselves.

At Dance Embassy, we preach on awesomeness rather than awfulness. We treat every student that walks into our class as awesome. Our classes exude fun and joy and even if a student comes in with an expectation, they leave the class feeling inspired and happy. They speak about us to their family, friends and colleagues and for the past 10 years, most of our members have come onboard through word of mouth. It’s still the most powerful tool.

Our awesome ambassadors aka instructors empowers every individual client of theirs to find their superpower and using that to achieve milestones, be it in health, fitness or happiness quotient.

We are a team and we celebrate even the small wins. We attribute our success to our community of instructors and clients.

And this is how we have been building an awesome community.

If you will like to be a part of this community as an ambassador


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International Women’s Day Celebrated RIGHT!

  • By: danceembassy
  • Date: March 8th, 2021

The ladies walked in one by one into the studio unsure what was awaiting them. They knew they signed up for a dance workshop to celebrate International Women’s Day. They were even told to dress to the nines and to bring their sass.

They were given a chair, told to sit on it, test out the sturdiness, get comfortable with it and the class commenced. The fluidity of the dance moves taught, gave the ladies much confidence to nail a full choreography. As the minutes went by and with more repetitions of the choreography, the sass and sexiness followed naturally. Then, we got to down to recording them group by group and with each recording, the cheers from the rest kept coming.

Wanna be informed of our next fun dance workshop? Stay tuned and stay connected. Download our Dance Embassy app!

Check the video out here!

Surviving Covid 😷

  • By: danceembassy
  • Date: February 15th, 2021

When Covid struck, we were one of the first few companies to take our classes digital. Heck, even our competitors had signed up for our class just to find out how we set our class up. We were also featured on Singapore’s national newspaper, Straits Times. One would then think all is good. But nope! Soon, everyone in the industry was taking their classes to online. That was fine. We love a healthy competition. But, free classes?? Now, that, brought our business down.

My name is Lavania, Founder and Director of Dance Embassy and this is my story on how Dance Embassy is surviving Covid.

While I battled with companies who were giving away free classes, I was adamant not to jump onto the bandwagon. I believed that our classes provided the same value and even giving a slight discount because it was online was a way of me thanking our students and clients who continued participating in our classes.

I had made plans to pivot. I remembered sharing my ideas to pivot with someone and that person nonchalantly told me to accept defeat and close Dance Embassy. I was dumbfounded, shocked and literally stomped off from what was supposed to be a discussion of encouragement; turned into horror. I belted out hot tears and like a child threw a fit about how I wasn’t accepting defeat. No way! 10 years of building a company to where it was and the potential it was yet to achieve, I was not giving up.

I have started and ended businesses before, because even though they were doing well, my passion wasn’t present in them.  I didn’t wake up each day looking forward to building them. Dance Embassy was different. We saw each other through different phases in life and I knew there was a higher purpose and calling to build it.

And so I wiped my tears, ignored the naysayer and pumped in all my savings to rebrand it. While rebranding it, it was though it was meant to be. Audible reached out to us and we released the World’s first Bollywood Exercise podcast that can be downloaded by millions in India. PayPal Singapore invested marketing dollars on our brand and we received much traction. We are opening up our company to franchisees globally. We launched our new website and app in the beginning of 2021.. We changed the logo and the brand colours and we are now investing more in our instructors who are willing to invest in themselves. We help them build up their personal brand and grow their community. We are the pioneers in this niche and we are excited for what’s to come. We may have competitors soon but one thing’s for sure, as long as we have your support, Dance Embassy will go far.

Dance Embassy

5 SURE Ways to Debloat

  • By: danceembassy
  • Date: November 23rd, 2020

Your gut is your second brain. Sluggish bowel and poor gut health are often the main reasons why you feel bloated. This can be due to constipation, fluid retention, indigestion, allergy, poor diet, stress, lack of sleep or certain digestive disorders. It’s an excessive build up of gas, solid and liquids in the digestive system. 

How you start your morning can have a major impact on how your digestive system functions for the day too. Here are 5 sure ways you can adopt in your daily morning routine and lifestyle to debloat! But of course, if you feel you have severe bloating issues, please consult your doctor. 


Although breakfast is king, don’t hurry into having one. After all, a hurried morning means a hurried breakfast and eating too fast can contribute to a bad gut health. When you are having your breakfast, take time to savour every bite and consume it mindfully. 


Rehydrate your body quickly after an all-night fast. This can fire-up your metabolism, improve digestion, reduce bloating and curb your appetite, cutting down on your calorie intake. Try keeping a bottle of water next to you. So that when you wake up, you can reach out for it and drink up! It helps to flush out toxins too! Your body often stores water so as not to get dehydrated, but if you’re consistently drinking, that gives it permission to flush out some of its stores. 


10-15 minutes of low impact, low intensity workout can help to stimulate your digestion and speed up your bowel transit. We are activating our body system when we work out and you will feel instantly energized for the rest of the day. Take a walk around your neighbourhood and listen to a motivational podcast while you are it even!


Lots of scientific research has been done on this superfood. It improves metabolism, aids digestion and eliminates the build-up of gas in the intestines which helps you debloat! It also helps to reduce fluid retention and eliminates excess water. You will love this next fact : It also reduces body fat especially around the abdominal area! So drink up but everything in moderation, please!


 Avoid food that causes inflammation. Stock up on fruits like blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, and oranges, which have less sugar content. They also happen to be packed with water, which can help with reducing bloat. Aim for veggies that have high water content, like cucumber and zucchini.