Tips to Schedule a Workout into A Busy Schedule

Let’s just cut to the chase since we are all SO BUSY!

Set the same inspiration as you were when on holidays.

Were you in Bali when you woke up to run along the beach? Then, set your alarm to play a Balinese music. It will sure take you back and uplift your spirits to wake up!

Were you in Paris running along the streets with your best gear? Invest in awesome workout gear to get yourself motivated. Don’t we all take extra efforts to dress better when on holiday. Manifest the same attitude!

Did we mention Under Armour is having a massive GSS? Run for it!

Create a Vision Board of your #fitnessgoals

The power of vision boards can be attested by millions. You have images of the goals you want to accomplish and by placing it in a strategic location where you can take a look at it every moment compels you to take actions. Those actions will drive you to attaining your goals in no time!

So start cutting up images of the workout apparels you want to own, the #bodygoals you want to achieve or even the marathon/ mountain you want to conquer! Pin it up in your wardrobe (somewhere that can’t escape your eyes) and wait for the magic to unfold!

Reward yourself every 21 Days.

It takes 21 days to form a habit. Change up your workouts every 21 days and at the end of it, reward yourself with something you will really look forward to. Once you identify a workout that you will like to start on, decide on a reward. Spa, Gold Class movie, Hair Treatment or even immersing yourself in retail therapy etc

Start scheduling as such in your calendar.

1st July - 21 days to Spa #yoga, 2nd July - 20 days to Spa #zumba, 3rd July - 19 days to Spa #weights etc

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