A Guide to Nutrition by Lavania

Do you struggle during your workouts or feel faint? Then it could be that you do not have the right nutrition in your body.

Take me for example, my laborious days start with a lack of sleep from breastfeeding a baby throughout the night, bathe him and play with him and feed him during the day. During his nap times, I try to finish my work (emails, timesheets, updating social media, running errands, preparing food for the day etc the list is endless). Then there are classes that I conduct that are also labour intensive.

So what kind of food and drink do I thrive on? My mornings start with a protein shake blended with a non dairy milk for easier digestion as compared to hormone/ preservative filled milk. Note that there are many protein shakes in the market and trust me, I have tried many! I love my Juice Plus Complete Shake because it’s made of pea protein and not whey protein, so you can be assured that you will not put on weight or get breakouts from the whey. It’s also so versatile that it goes along with any kinds of blend. Fruits, vegetables, etc

Safe for kids consumption too!


And for breakfast, IF, the little one allows me, I have my smoothie bowl. It’s packed with nutrients and oh so yummy. A blend of yoghurt with mangoes and topped up with granola, açai and more mangoes for added goodness, yumminess and protein! This can be prepared the night before to save time in the morning. You can also try blending it with strawberries, bananas, blueberries etc. Get creative!


Lunch is mostly at home and it’s usually a portion of carbs to fuel my high energy lifestyle. I meal plan for the week to ensure that I do not waste time on a daily basis to plan what I eat and same goes for dinner. We do not stick to just one type of meal. With our handy thermomix, the list of options for food is endless and shaves off a significant amount of time in preparation and cooking.

However, I supplement my diet with at least 10 cups of fruits and vegetables with Juice Plus supplements. I have been taking these for almost 2 years now, even when I was pregnant. They have been juiced and pressed into vegan capsules and there’s no need for caffeine as this keeps you going fresh for hours! Knowing that you consume food with the freshest and cleanest ingredients makes you feel good too!

And if I really need a snack in between (no thanks to my sweet tooth), handy juiceplus snack bars are divine! Perfect for pre and post workout snacks!

Here’s the link to the products that you can purchase from my website:

Disclaimer: Product and nutrition recommendations by Editor works for her. If you have any medical condition, do seek clearance from your doctor, dietician or nutritionist.