At Dance Embassy, our dance instructors are not only well trained but they have a passion for teaching adults of all calibre, the introverts, the two left feet etc how to dance and also infuse dance into their daily workout regime. We offer beginner classes for the ones who have no background in dancing but will eventually walk out of our classes as an experience dancer to intermediate classes where we challenge status quo.

Having been in the industry for over a decade, we also recognise the advantages to one’s mental wellbeing through dance. These classes although structured are also fun and light hearted. Our instructors bring their individual flair and personalities to each of the classes.

From in person to online to hybrid options, a busy adult have many options to book their classes from Dance Embassy. We also have a dedicated Dance Embassy app for our members who can book our classes with ease. Not needing for a browser to load, our app offers our members to book with just a click.

Our goal is to transform lives and transforming lives is what we have been doing since 2011. You can find rave reviews on our social media accounts and they are a testament to the stellar service we offer along with our high demand classes.

Adults from different backgrounds and who have joined our classes have connected so well with each other that the Dance Embassy community is well known globally. In our classes, favouritism doesn’t exist. Everyone is treated equally and if you are student attending our classes for the first time, every other existing student will welcome you with open arms.

Our highly popular classes like BollyFreak, Bollywood Dance Fitness is a high cardio fitness class. Our hour long routine provides participants with a full body workout. From targeting muscle groups like your glutes, abs and even biceps, one can expect to workout these muscle groups without feeling like they are working out. Our personally curated playlist that has the latest hits of Bollywood will set one dancing to its tunes without feeling like they are actually working out. Each hour long routine is set to make you burn 300-500 calories! Just like that!

Adults who have attended our Bollywood choreography classes have gone on to perform on global stages. Even adults who have joined with zero coordination have surprised themselves because at Dance Embassy, our instructors make sure confidence is instilled in you first before one gets riled up learning dance steps. We believe that extrinsic motivation is as important as intrinsic motivation and at Dance Embassy, our instructors are your cheerleaders.

We have long standing members who have been with us for over a decade and it’s because of our jovial environment, close knit community and amazing events that we host has led to our popularity in Singapore.

Another highly popular and unique class that Dance Embassy offers is our African Dance Revolution, a dance fitness class that one can expect to dance to African beats. From the young to adults, the pulsating beats and African inspired moves gets anyone dancing to it as soon as they hear the first song in our playlist. We are also trending on Youtube with our take on Jerusalema and you can see the happy faces in that video. The vibes that you will witness in the video is pretty much what you will experience in any of our classes at Dance Embassy.

Our Zumba classes are no different either. Although wildly and globally popular, our Zumba classes have a flavour of its own. Most corporates engage our Zumba instructors as our energy and vibes gets even the shyest employee grooving.

Each of our instructor is First aid and AED certified which means you are not just in great hands but in safe hands too. We also get ourselves tested for Covid weekly as we are aware of the looming concerns during this pandemic.