A Glitzy End to 2021

One of our students casually mentioned that we should have a gathering to conclude 2021. If you know of our Founder, Lavania, you know she doesn’t do anything half a**.

She thought it was a brilliant idea and arranged for a fanciful dinner for the Dance Embassy community. It was held at the Singapore Cricket Club. 3 tables of 5 were booked and all were filled almost immediately! I guess the idea of a year end party did tickle everyone’s fancy. The theme was glitz and glam and GIRLLL, did everyone turn up to the nines!

Each table was headed by Lavania and her ambassadors and the ladies, through drawing of lots were assigned to their seats. Not everyone knew each other at the table but by the end of the night, phone numbers were exchanged and watsapp groups were formed. Laughter filled the air, coupled with a great menu of food and drinks, it was a night to be remembered indeed.

Thank you for the support that you have given to us in 2021. Although the year was best to be forgotten because of the many curveballs that were thrown our way, we will never forget the memories created with whatever little that we had.