How To Increase Your Happiness Quotient

We are living in uncertain times and during such times, statistics have shown that mental health has taken a downhill. We, at Dance Embassy, have been on a rise with our happiness quotient though. How do we know? The level of participation, smiles and conversations shared and the upbeat connection that’s evident through pop up messages on our phones show that our community is bound by the eagerness to be around each other!

Here are ways you can increase YOUR Happiness Quotient!

  1. Join Our Monthly Themed Events

Our recent event was yet another hit. Everyone turned up in white, threw colours at each other and danced off to a Bollywood Hit, Ik Junoon. Photos are on our Dance Embassy Instagram!

Even though capacity is dependent on the venue, we have been hosting sell out events! With all precautionary measurements in place, your safety is our utmost priority! Keep a lookout for our next event!

  1. Join our classes with a friend

Nothing is more enjoyable than sharing a space (with safe distancing measures in place of course) with a friend and grooving along to our stellar playlist. We dare say our playlist is a hit as our students are always asking us to share it! Subscribe to us on YouTube to know what are the songs that we are playing in class. That will surely want you to come for our classes! And yes! Grab that friend along!

  1. Virtual Classes are No Different

Can’t join us in person? Our virtual classes are no different! We bring the fun to you on screen! Many of our regulars join us from all over the globe. We even have our members joining us while in quarantine! #Quaranteam for the WIN!

With all these being said, we trust that our actions speak louder than words. Looking forward to seeing you in one of our award winning classes!