Why Women complain of fatigue more than Men

One of the top 5 complains that women have is fatigue. It could be many reasons causing them to feel tired and weary and their reasons vary quite greatly from men.

We explore 3 reasons why the fairer sex is at a disadvantage.

  1. Thyroid

Thyroid problems are more common in women. It’s still a medically unsolvable mystery as to why it is such. It could be hormonal or genetical. Either ways, we suggest you get your thyroid levels checked if you are feeling low on energy.

  1. Heart

To the surprise of many, heart related health concerns are more serious in women than in men. Statistically, twice more women die from heart related diseases than from cancer! Especially if you have a family history of heart disease, do get your blood pressure and heart valves checked.

  1. Societal Pressures

The way a woman is supposed to look, dress, behave, work, run a family and the pressure of unattainable perfection lead to sleeplessness, depression and hence fatigue. One of the healthiest things to do is not to conform to societal pressure and reduce dissatisfaction in ourselves. After all, we are all created as an individual for a reason. To live with a purpose. Make that purpose so big that the negativity exuding from society will feel small.

We hope you found this useful. Do let us know of any topics you would like us to shed a light on.