How to Build an Awesome Community

Most people walk into a gym feeling intimidated. Not knowing what to do with the gym equipments and to top it off most personal trainers are intimidating as well. Their favourite phrase is “No excuses” and they start pointing out your flaws and how you should work harder to improve them.

Well, they are just doing their job. Their tough love approach is how they have been taught to train. Their mindsets are built on the idea that people walk in broken and have to be fixed. That their clients need the kick-ass push to be motivated and to emerge strong. They start dissing their food and lifestyle choices to make them feel bad about themselves.

At Dance Embassy, we preach on awesomeness rather than awfulness. We treat every student that walks into our class as awesome. Our classes exude fun and joy and even if a student comes in with an expectation, they leave the class feeling inspired and happy. They speak about us to their family, friends and colleagues and for the past 10 years, most of our members have come onboard through word of mouth. It’s still the most powerful tool.

Our awesome ambassadors aka instructors empowers every individual client of theirs to find their superpower and using that to achieve milestones, be it in health, fitness or happiness quotient.

We are a team and we celebrate even the small wins. We attribute our success to our community of instructors and clients.

And this is how we have been building an awesome community.

If you will like to be a part of this community as an ambassador